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TVC Communications Launches Welcome Back To Work Mum Initiative

Findings amongst colleagues and existing research on work place performance reveal that female workers tend to worry a lot about combining child care with their official responsibilities. Some of them even find it difficult coping with their work and settling back in the work place after their maternity leave.

To address this, and as part of our journey towards making TVC Communications a great place to work, we launched the back to work mum initiative in September 2020.

The Back To Work Mum initiative is geared towards enabling our female employees (most especially the nursing mothers) settle back at work seamlessly after maternity leave and ultimately enable them cope with childcare and in return increase their productivity level at work.

At TVC Communications our employees are part of our pride and we are deliberate about their welfare. As part of the support we offer our working parents with kids, we have the TVC Communications Staff Creche and we look forward to reopening the Creche as soon as government give their approvals.

We are always eager to help our employees grow, support and improve their work life balance.

Today, a new mother resumed at work and we are happy to receive her.

Below are images taken from the welcome back activity.

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