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TVC Women’s Network (TWN) is a network for all female employees at TVC Communications.

The network is targeted at supporting and promoting the growth of all TVC female employing which will in return drive gender inclusion and balance.

One of the key purpose of the network is to promote and encourage women’s economic empowerment and women’s leadership on the principles of freedom of expression, rule of law and social justice.

TWN also aim protecting and promoting the overall economic, social and political interests of women in the nation.

TVC Women’s Network membership consists of women working in various departments of TVC Communications across Nigeria.


TWN Female Debate Championship is a project that is aimed at discovering, harnessing and nurturing new talents in the education sector.

As part of the TVC Communications Corporate Social Responsibility plan, the TWN Female Debate Championship will help set the agenda for the nation especially issues that affects women and children.

The debate championship is opened to all secondary school students across the states in Nigeria.

Overall winners will have the opportunity to be mentored in various aspects of arts that they might be interested in.

Deadline: July 31st 2022

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